Bad Ideas In Brewing – Peeps Easter Candy Beer

peeps, Bad Ideas In Brewing – Peeps Easter Candy Beer

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Hey, no one’s perfect…as we at American Craft Beer understand better than most. That said, there are some ideas out there that are so monumentally misguided as to boggle the mind. So welcome to another BAD IDEAS IN BREWING…and we’re blaming a popular easter candy for this one.

We weren’t happy to learn about the Oreo beer shakes last summer…The vaginal beer idea could only have come from Eastern Europe….And, of course, the whole Glitter Beer trend left us troubled…

But beer brewed  with Peeps is an abomination that should NEVER HAVE HAPPENED!

Here’s The Deal…peeps, Bad Ideas In Brewing – Peeps Easter Candy Beer

Easter candy isn’t the greatest idea to begin with. No one needs foot tall chocolate bunnies or huge chocolate eggs filled with mountains of unclassifiable nougat.

But in the world of Easter candy Peeps ups the ante…It’s a brightly dyed sugar marshmallow concoction that’s shaped like little chicklets and bunnies…It’s a candy that can only be surgically removed from your teeth by experienced dental specialists.

It’s also the last thing that one would ever expect to see in their beer until now…

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that the Fort Worth, Texas-based Collective Brewing Project  would dare deface their quality beer with this reprehensible Easter candy. At best it’s fearless but that doesn’t mean it isn’t also misguided.

And remember, this is the same crew that created a buzz last year when they crafted a Gose beer with Ramen noodles.

But beer brewed Ramen Noodles pales in light of them choosing Peeps as their inspiration…

peeps, Bad Ideas In Brewing – Peeps Easter Candy BeerOnly available in the Texas area (at least it’s contained) The Collective Brewing Project’s Peep This Collab is reportedly a sour ale, flavored with Peeps, vanilla, and the butterfly pea flower which lends the beer a purple color similar to the questionable Easter candy.

And the madness didn’t stop there…glitter was added to the purple Peeps sour to keep things festive.

Bottom Line…

If you’re that rare individual who still gravitates to candies like Peeps…we suggest that seek help immediately.

But if you’re a beer lover that craves marshmallow bunnies and chicklets in your beer… we really don’t know what to say.

Because beer brewed with Peeps is a monumentally BAD IDEA IN BREWING….an idea so damaged that it should never be excused!

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