Bad Ideas in Brewing – Resurrecting Zima

, Bad Ideas in Brewing – Resurrecting Zima

Hey no one’s perfect…That said, there are some ideas out there that are so monumentally bad as to boggle the mind, and returning Zima to the marketplace is definitely one of them!

News spread like wildfire across the drinks biz this week, when Crain’s reported that MillerCoors was ready to reintroduce Zima to an unsuspecting populace, many of whom were not even born when the iconic beverage first debuted in 1993.

Described as a “clear malt beverage” but more like alcoholic soda that paired best with cocaine, this 4.7% ABV concoction has been thankfully absent in the United States for nearly 10 years.

But just like The Alien, Zima refuses to die and according to some, could soon be returning soon for another terrorizing run.

American Craft Beer is confused and concerned by these recent reports…Is a world already overwhelmed by liquid atrocities like Lime-a-Rita, Mike’s Hard Lemonade (not to mention Bud Lite Lime and those fruity IPA’s) really clamoring for Zima’s return?

Aren’t all these new hard root beer brands serving that demented craving?

And isn’t the fact that Zima remains a popular drink among the night-club crowd in Japan (where it’s now available in four flavors!) reason enough to make sure that it never again returns to our shores?

Any drink that’s best described as a “clear malt beverage” to begin with, deserves its banishment for its terminology alone …And if your drinks name is Zima, and that’s the best name you could come up with, that ban needs to go on FOREVER.

Bottom line…

Bad ideas generally never get better over time…and Zima is such a classic BAD IDEA IN BEWING that for the good of civilization, it should never be resurrected.

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