Win Free Blue Moon Beer For A Year And An Orange Tree

, Win Free Blue Moon Beer For A Year And An Orange Tree

(Courtesy Blue Moon)

On April 30 (that’s Arbor Day by the way)  Blue Moon, the white Belgian-style Wheat Ale that many think is made even better with a juicy orange slice garnish, introduced its Virtual Tree Farm Sweepstakes, where you can enter to win free beer for a year and your own Valencia orange tree.

Valencia orange peels have always been a crucial part of Blue Moon’s DNA, from the signature, subtle sweetness of our liquid, to our iconic serve with a full orange-wheel garnish,” said Rachel Boykins, Senior Marketing Manager at Blue Moon….

“As the weather continues to warm up, we hope the Blue Moon Virtual Tree Farm brings some extra brightness this spring and gives drinkers a fun reason to enjoy a refreshing glass of Blue Moon this season.”

, Win Free Blue Moon Beer For A Year And An Orange TreeYou’ll have be 21 to enter and if you live in Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, but Texas (all great states for orange trees) you’re not eligible for reasons that Molson Coors (home to Blue Moon beers), didn’t specify.

Entering couldn’t be easier. You don’t have to explain why Blue Moon is you favorite beer (or lie if it isn’t). You don’t have to star in your own 30-second video where you forced to make a fool of yourself in order to be noticed.

All you have to do if give them your email and zip code and you’re done.  That’s nothing for free beer for year, which according to the contest fine print is actually $500, so some of the lucky winners may have to pace themselves.

Plus you can register every day to up your chances of winning in any one of four separate drawings that take place between now and Memorial Day, 2021.

And if you’re one of the contest’s 118 winners you’ll score a Valencia orange tree, a custom tree pot, two orange napkins (and who doesn’t want two orange napkins?), two Blue Moon beer glasses, and a Blue Moon bottle opener.

You’ll also get $5 Drizly code to put towards your fist beer delivery.

, Win Free Blue Moon Beer For A Year And An Orange Tree But only 10 of those 118 winners will get the free year of beer, as long as they don’t go nuts and go through the allotted $500 in the first month.

All snark aside, free beer is free beer, so you can enter HERE. And you can give the orange tree to mom (Mother’s Day is May 9th), she’ll be touched.


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