Blue Moon Introduces Trippy New Beer Ad

, Blue Moon Introduces Trippy New Beer Ad

(Courtesy Blue Moon)

MillerCoors’ in-house ‘craft brand’ Blue Moon has introduced an almost psychedelic commercial that owes more to LSD than it does to ABV.

Here’s the deal…

Blue Moon just kicked off the second leg or its Reach for the Moon campaign which started with a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Phase two of the 2019 campaign comes with all the bells and whistles that accompany these kinds of things, including a very trippy Blue Moon spot that coincides with the wheat ale’s  “strongest quarter since 2017” according to Behind the Beer.

Aimed at 25 to 40-year-olds, and we suggest, cannabis, as well as, beer consumers, Blue Moon’s new Routine video spot features a young professional heroine who awakens every morning to  “once in a blue moon” events and ends with her in her apartment, pulling a Blue Moon out of her refrigerator.

And no matter what you think of Blue Moon in general, the spot is uber-clever….

The aim of Blue Moon’s Routine spot is to show how MillerCoor’s widely-available wheat ale can “bring the extraordinary to the everyday,” says Bryan Ferschinger, vice president of above-premium brands for MillerCoors. “Once in a Blue Moon experiences should happen more than once in a blue moon, and we’re trying to show Blue Moon drinkers that they can enjoy something special almost any night of the week.”

Routine is one of two spots that beginning this week on streaming video services, social media, online video, in cinemas and across 100 top programs on 25 networks on national TV, including Thursday Night Football and Monday Night Football., Blue Moon Introduces Trippy New Beer Ad

So chances are you’ll be running into the ad on occasion this fall along with Blue Moon outdoor and retail ads which will continue the “Reach for the Moon” tagline.

“We’ve got a lot of momentum heading into fall,” Ferschinger says. “And we can’t wait to bring this brand to life in a new way and start a new conversation with consumers.”

And while we’re ‘sort of’ on the subject of products for beer and cannabis fans, there’s also this from Keith Villa, who developed and oversaw the Blue Moon brand for MillerCoors for more than two decades and has now gotten into the ‘pot beer’ biz…


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