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The American Craft Beer Rumor Mill – August 7, 2013

Hey it's Wednesday and it's Rumor Mill Time...Word has it that Rogue Ales will be doing the unthinkable! We'll be bringing you what we know so far. Plus we've got some fast-breaking news from our friends at Sam Adams and an update from the Tin Roof crew. We've also got an awesome new Rumor Mill release that you'll want to chase down. So fasten your seat belts everybody...THIS WEEK'S RUMOR MILL IS ON!

AUGUST 7, 2013
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Vacationing in Colorado? Better Make It a Beercation

Summertime in Nebraska. Sweltering heat, drenching humidity, ever-changing weather. Especially in July - that's when the heat and humidity really ramp up. What better time to leave The Good Life and head one state to the southwest and into the sunny yet somehow still cool (or at least mild) climate of Colorado? That's why, every Fourth of July holiday, my family makes the journey across Nebraska for a weeklong beercation in Colorful Colorado.

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Craft Beer with Man’s Best Friend

Who says work & play don't mix? The four owners of Petagogy, an all-natural pet supply store in Pittsburgh, found a way to make both themselves and their four-legged friends happy with their successful quarterly Yappy Hours. In doing so, they've discovered that beer tastes better when shared with man's best friend.

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The Price of Success – Reflections on Last Week’s GABF Rollout

Anyone who watches and enjoys pop culture knows that success and popularity can sometimes come with a brutal price. Actors and musicians who've struggled for years in the shadows can finally break through, only to find themselves beset with massive demands from their newly admiring fans and vulnerable to all kinds of criticisms as they negotiate their lives in the spotlight. ..That's kind of how we look at the GABF.

AUGUST 6, 2013
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Yes, We Can – Mobile Service Hits New England

Brewers of light beers have had a jump-start on canning since the mid-1930s, when Pabst, Coors, and Schlitz began distributing their wares in steel (which must have been rough on post-Prohibition party planners). By 1969, cans were outselling bottles for the first time, but it took until 2002 for craft to catch up. Why the long wait?

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The American Craft Beer Weekend Picks – August 2, 2013

Hey it's Friday, the weekend's almost here, and you are "beyond ready" for some serious summertime fun. Well good, because that's where we come in. We're all about it and we've got your back big-time. Plus we've got a couple of weekend beer picks that you'll want to track down. So welcome to this week's edition of our awesome Weekend Picks!

AUGUST 2, 2013
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America’s IPA Supply Completely Depleted!

We knew that people would be into celebrating yesterday's IPA Day - but we don't think that anyone saw this coming.... Reports started surfacing just after midnight last night that the response to 2013's IPA Day had been massive and that the nation's IPA supply lines, at least for now, had been decimated!

AUGUST 2, 2013
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Summer Seasonals Dominate a Revitalized Oregon Brewers Festival

In the weeks leading up to the Oregon Brewers Festival - Brew Fest or OBF for short - there was a lot of controversy about the changes this year: no more plastic mugs and returning to glass, the pour sizes being 3 ounces instead of 4, another day added to the festival, etc. Within an hour of entering the hallowed ground of Portland's beautiful Waterfront Park, all the hubbub died, the taps flowed, the raucous bands enlivened the crowd, and the levity of the moment washed away the critics, leaving just a collection of beer lovers and the objects of their affection. The Fest was back and as great as it's ever been, if not better, for 2013.

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