Is Non-Alcoholic Beer The Next Big Thing?

Non-Alcoholic, Is Non-Alcoholic Beer The Next Big Thing?

The whole low and non-alcoholic beer thing has been picking up steam of late…And now there’s a new brewery in London that’s dedicated to crafting serious alcohol-free beer which just might be the future.

Launched just last year, Nirvana Brewery is one of the newest craft brewers in the UK. Located next to the bustling waterways of the River Lea, already home to some epic breweries, Nirvana Brewery is dedicated to one vision…creating low and non-alcoholic beers craft beers that taste like real beer.

Nirvana was founded by Steve Dass, one of a growing population of people who have given up alcohol for health reason, and have found the quality of the current crop non-alcoholic beers wanting.

So Dass took matters into his own hands and now his 14 barrel brewhouse is reportedly producing 3,200 liters of alcohol free craft beer a week, beers that sell at Whole foods and other establishments known for fine drinking.

But Dass isn’t the only craft brewer thinking ‘small.’

As we’ve reported James Grundy and Felix James will soon be opening Small Beer Brewing in in London’s Bermondsey neighborhood, already home to some of the city’s most popular craft breweries, like The Kernel.

A small beer is historically defined as a lager or ale that contains very little alcohol, and the two sober-headed British entrepreneurs stressed their commitment to brewing beers between 0.5% and 2.8. % ABV!

Non-Alcoholic, Is Non-Alcoholic Beer The Next Big Thing?But Big Beer is also ramping up its alcohol-free game!

Anheuser-Busch InBev, which launched non-alcoholic versions of Budweiser and Corona in 2016, is predicting that low or alcohol-free beer will make up a stunning 20% of its sales by 2025!

Heineken introduced Heineken 0.0 in Europe last May, and Guinness responded in kind with their own non-alcoholic alternative, Open Gate Pure Brew in January.

Carlsberg, which has been producing alcohol-free beer since 2015, “expects revenue for that product to grow three times faster than overall beer sales,” according to CNN Money. And they are seeing a growing openness to the concept in Europe…

“Research firm Mintel said drinkers are becoming more open to the idea of non-alcoholic beer, with 33% of Spaniards and 23% of Germans already drinking it on occasion. A German brewer, Erdinger, offers every runner in the Berlin marathon an alcohol-free pint when they cross the finish line.”

And with Heineken’s alcohol-free beer market currently growing 9% a year in the UK, it looks like low and non-alcoholic brewing is fast becoming its own thing…a trend that we expect to grow in the US this year as well.

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