Heineken 0.0 – The Buzz On A Beer With Absolutely No Buzz

, Heineken 0.0 – The Buzz On A Beer With Absolutely No BuzzIn an effort to capitalize on a fast-growing beer segment, “buzz-less beer,” Heineken has launched a non-alcoholic version of their flagship.

According to Reuters, the Dutch brewing giant “is hoping to tap into what it believes is an increasing desire among consumers for beer that will not get them drunk,” (yah think?).

And with the launch of Heineken 0.0, which recently made its debut Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona, (so maybe less fights?), the global brewing giant hopes to take advantage of on an European market place where the demand for “zero alcohol  beer has grown an astounding 5 percent every year from 2010 to 2015.

Many professional brewers over the years, have come to acknowledge that “buzz-free” beer has generally failed the taste test (It fails the fun test too as far as we’re concerned, but that’s another matter).

And the brewery is committed to changing that perception with the release of their new Heineken 0.0, which is actually a blended beer!

Turns out the brewery had been working on two separate versions Heineken 0.0 and neither one of them were getting the job done.

But then Heineken’s brewing team began blending both beers together till they came up with the final product they are now introducing to Europe

Heineken brewmaster Willem van Waesberghe succinctly explained the company’s thinking to Reuters’ reporter Philip Blenkinsop this way…

“Both beers are not nice….You need to blend them together to make a good beer.”

The upside for Heineken 0.0 in Europe is evidently HUGE…

Alcoholic beers are taxed more heavily than non-alcoholic drinks over there, so Heineken’s new offering affords them greater profit margins.

Plus their new buzz-free beer is “half the calories of standard Heineken or Coca-Cola,” which has to be welcome news to all those Euro-anorexic models over there.

The downside however, at least for those of us who enjoy a good buzz, is also obvious…




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