Big Plans For ‘Small Beer’ In The UK

Beer Street, William Hogarth, 1751

With the mainstreaming of ‘session beers’ in America, interest in lower-alcohol drinking alternatives continues to be on the rise.

And now two sober-headed British entrepreneurs have launched a brewery dedicated to brewing beers between 0.5% and 2.8. % ABV!

A small beer is historically defined as a lager or ale that contains very little alcohol.

They came in to prominence in Medieval Europe and as an alternative for workmen, servants and poor families to the more expensive (read higher alcohol) beers enjoyed by the wealthy at that time.

Sometimes unfiltered and porridge-like, the small beer was also brewed as an alternative to the tainted waters that plagued medieval city centers back then, and was embraced by workmen at that time as a beer that didn’t slow them down.

And now James Grundy and Felix James want to transition the concept to the 21st century.

According to The Drinks Business the two industry professionals have just left Sipsmith, a UK craft Gin producer, to build Small Beer Brewing what may be the world’s  first ‘small beer’ company in London’s Bermondsey neighborhood, already home to some of the city’s most popular craft breweries, like The Kernel.

And as all great things come from ‘small’ beginnings. We look forward to watching Small Beer Brewing grow.

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