London’s Beavertown To Brew Beer In Belgium

Beavertown Brewery has been struggling of late to keep up with their own success. Having already outgrown their Tottenham Hale location, they’re looking to expand into larger facility in London, which won’t open its doors until summer 2019. And that’s why they decided to start brewing two of their core beers at a family-owned brewery in Belgium.

Here’s the deal…

Over the next 18 month Beavertown will begin brewing two of their flagship beers, Gamma Ray and Neck Oil at the Brouwerij De Brabandere in Belgium.

Not only will this contract brewing arrangement allow them to scale up their operations to keep up with ever-growing demand…it will also afford Beavertown a better understanding of the brewing techniques they’ll be encountering once  their much larger facility in London is finished.

Beavertown’s Brand & Communications Manager, Sam Millard thinks this temporary brewing journey abroad could be immensely valuable…

“Over the next year, by linking up with Brouwerij de Brabandere we will be able to organically increase our volume to the size we will be brewing at in a new brewery of our own, and we will learn all the processes and nuances of brewing on a new kit of that spec and size along the way.”

Beavertown’s Logan Plant

To retain quality control, the Drinks Business is reporting that “the beers will be brewed using the same ingredients which will be shipped over from the UK to Belgium” And that those beers will be brewed and monitored by existing members of the Beavertown team.

While this is going on, the brewery will focus on building the new facility they’re calling Beaverworld (of course they are) a destination brewery designed and built by Beavertown.

Beavertown’s head of operations and expansion projects, Nikola Marjanovic, along with members of the production team have been working in Belgium, tweaking things to conform with Brouwerij De Brabandere’s larger kit…

So Beavertown Belgium is ON!

And next time you’re enjoying a Gamma Ray or Neck Oil it might actually be a Belgian import, but Beavertown’s Logan Plant and his crew is betting you’ll never know it

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