BrewDog Plans New Brewery In Australia

People of Australia – we are heading down under to build a brewery for you.”

                                                                                     BrewDog’s James Watt & Martin Dickie


BrewDog’s world domination tour shows little signs of slowing. And their latest announcement that they are looking to build a new brewery in the land ‘Down Under”,” is yet another sign of their punkish ambitions.

With their new Columbus, Ohio operation finally up and running, The Aberdeenshire-Scotland based ‘bad boys of beer’ are in the hunt to bring their brand to another country. this time Australia.

To that end, they’re sending BrewDog’s ‘Head of People’ Zarah Prior (an Australian native herself) back to her homeland to lead the search for the perfect location for BrewDog Australia.

They’re currently concentrating on the island continent’s fast growing east coast region. And two cities in particular – Brisbane and Newcastle.

Possible locations for BrewDog’s future operation include existing industrial sites that can be redeveloped to support a major production facility, cities where urban renewal is a priority, and places that offer that intangible “something unique.”

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