BrewDog Plans New Bars In Shanghai, Bangkok, Dubai

(Courtesy BrewDog)

You can’t fault this now global brewing company for lack of ambition. But wait until you learn about all the cities around the world that will soon have their own BrewDog Bar.

Here’s the deal…

To understand the intrinsic importance of BrewDog’s UK and international bar network one only has to look to the traditional pub and brewery distribution system in the UK, where large pub chains serve as outlets for company sanctioned beer that is served chain wide.

Breweries such as Fuller’s have opted to cut out the middleman and build their own network of pubs that cater almost exclusively to their brand…And over the years BrewDog has been building a national and international network of bars with a similar model.

So BrewDog Bars are at the core of its business, branded outlets that not only spread the BrewDog word, but serve as huge conduits for their beers.

In 2010 BrewDog threw open the doors to their first UK bar in Aberdeen Scotland and they never looked back. The last time we counted they had opened almost 50 BrewDog Bars in the UK including a new hub in London’s financial district and their first airport bar ever in Edinburgh, Scotland.

BrewDog Nice

But it’s the company’s international plans in some of the world’s most exciting cities that we find most intriguing…

In March the company opened BrewDog Le Marais its first bar in Paris. And in July BrewDog Nice opened its doors to the Riviera. They also are putting the finishing touches BrewDog Berlin an operation they took over from Stone Brewing’s failed experiment…

And here’s some of what BrewDog has planned for the second half of 2019…

BrewDog Shanghai – In October BrewDog will be opening its first China outlet in the Jing’ District of Shanghai…a great location in in the world’s #1 beer market.

BrewDog Bangkok – In November BrewDog is planning to open a bar in another hugely exciting city in Asia. The capital of Thailand Bangkok is as vibrant as it is exotic. And like Shanghai it pairs well with beer.

BrewDog Dubai – Probably the most intriguing BrewDog Bar location is Dubai, which is part of the Arab Emirates where Islam is the official state religion. But Dubai is also the most progressive city in the region populated by transplants from around the world. And Dubai, with its gleaming skyscrapers is rich international hub, populated by many non-Muslims that BrewDog hopes will enjoy its Punk IPA.

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