Americans Will Spend $1 Billion On Beer This 4th Of July

, Americans Will Spend $1 Billion On Beer This 4th Of July

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A recent study is reporting that that Americans spend big on beer on the Fourth of July…$1 Billion dollars big!

Here’s the deal…

According to WalletHub, a financial site that comes up with these kinds of things from time to time, American adults will spend about $1 billion on beer while celebrating 243rd anniversary of the adoption of the US Declaration of Independence.

, Americans Will Spend $1 Billion On Beer This 4th Of JulyAnd although, some people will be drinking other buzzy alternatives this 4th of July, beer is clearly the holiday’s most popular “adult beverage.”

In fact the Washington, DC-based Beer Institute just conducted a study and found that 3-in-4 adult Americans choose beer on the 4th.

According to the Beer Institute’s survey, beer is nearly twice as popular as any other alcohol beverage, with 64 percent of people saying they plan to drink beer compared to 37 percent for wine and 32 percent for hard liquor.

But it’s not just beer that you’re spending money on. Its flags for the front yard and fireworks for the evening…

It’s food (especially hotdogs and burgers) and all the, mustard, ketchup buns and chips that go with them, holiday transportation costs and just 4th of July stuff.

All in all, Americans are expected to spend an average of $73 per person celebrating the Nation’s Independence this year according to CNBC. And although that number is down slightly compared to previous years, it’s still a lot.

Here’s a breakout…

What Americans Will Be Spending Money On

  • $6.8 Billion: Amount Americans plan to spend on 4th of July food.
  • 150 Million: Hot dogs are eaten each 4th of July.
  • $1.6+ Billion: Amount we plan to spend on Fourth of July beer and wine.
  • $1+ Billion: Amount we’re expected to spend on fireworks in 2019 (67 percent of fireworks injuries occur within a month of July 4).
  • $5.4 Million: Value of American flags imported annually (mostly from China).
  • 47+ Million: People travel 50+ miles from home for the 4th of July.

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