Americans Spend $10 Billion Drunk Shopping

Every time we think we’ve run out of things to write about we’re blindsided by something new…like the billions Americans spent on spontaneous drunk purchases last year.

Here’s what we know…

More than a quarter of Americans (26%)  admit to shopping under the influence according to the latest Drunk Shopping survey from, an annual survey of roughly 2,000 American adults asked about their buying habits.

While the number of people buying items after drinking is down compared to last year, drunken shoppers ae spending considerably more

Collectively, Americans (some 53.4 million people) spent $39.4 billion on drunk purchases in the past 12 months, up from last year’s $30.43 billion.

At the same time the percentage of Americans that admit to buying under the influence decreased to 26% in 2019 from 46% in 2018.  Which is good news as a whole, but a super-bummer for those who are continuing to spend at a madly escalating rate while shopping drunk.

Finder’s study, which was conducted in January 2017, found that the average American spent $206 per year on items while under the influence. That figure jumped to $447.57 per person in 2018’s findings, an almost 120% increase.

However by 2019, that number had escalated considerably, jumping another 64.44% to $736, according to the survey’s latest data.

Unfortunate drunk purchase

Interestingly, men are more likely than women to drunk shop, spending an average $870 on drunk purchases, compared to women who only spent who spent $511 in the most recent survey

Not surprisingly food and cigarettes are common purchases for men, who also admitted to buying shoes and clothing (!).

A generational breakdown from the survey reveals millennials spent the most when under the influence – an average of $1,047. That’s more than double the spending of baby boomers ($466) and Gen X ($469).

Of the generations, Gen Xers (60%) are more likely to consume alcohol regularly than boomers (57%) and millennials (54%).

And it’s not like Americans are alone with their demons…turns out the Brits spend billions drunk shopping as well.

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