Americans And Brits Spend Billions Drunk Shopping

Americans and Brits spend billions shopping under the influence…

Every time we think we’re going to run out of things to write about we’re blindsided by something new…like the billions spent on spontaneous drunk purchases last year.

Here’s the deal…

According to Finder, an online price comparison site, almost half of the British adult population (46%) who regularly drink alcohol, admit to making a purchase while under the influence.

That’s no small number…That means that well over 15 million Brits have made drunken purchases in the past (and may even explain that cat clock you bought last year).

And the growing plague of drunken shoppers isn’t limited to the UK!

According to Finder, Americans spent an average of $448 per person in drunk purchases in 2017, that’s nearly double what they did in 2016!

Understandably just under a quarter of those drunk shoppers admitted to purchasing food while intoxicated (61%). But more concerning is the 14% of drunken shoppers who admitted to buying shoes, clothes and accessoriesn(think cat clocks) fueled on alcohol.

ACB’s Tom Bobak takes a shopping break

Gambling came in at just under 25%, (although we’re not sure we’d call that shopping) followed by the number of drunken shoppers (8.5%) purchasing cigarettes.

We’d like to see some numbers on the percentage of drugs purchased while drunk, but in effort to hang on to some semblence of legitimacy Finder smartly avoided that obvious inquiry.

And it may not come as a surprise that millennials are driving the drunk shopping trend.

It’s true…a majority of those born between the late 1980s and late 90s have committed the most acts of drunk spending, with nearly 60% unapologetically admitting to the inclination and websites like Amazon clearly not helping things.

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