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The American Craft Beer Friday Wrap-Up

Hey we get it.  You're busy and you can't hang with us 24/7. But still, we don't want you to be missing all the good stuff. So as part of our ongoing commitment to bringing you the best craft beer and lifestyle coverage on the face of the planet - and to keep you plugged into our continuing recklessness - we've introduced a weekly compilation of our good, bad and ugly.

So welcome to another edition of our Friday Wrap-Up...

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In the world of craft beer news, this is a big one...

Stone Brewing has announced that it has signed a formal letter of intent with the City of Richmond, Virginia, signifying the company's interest in building its East Coast facility in the city. Subject to local approvals, Stone plans to invest $74 million to construct a production brewery, packaging hall, destination restaurant, retail store and its administrative offices.

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5 Stupid Questions With Lagunitas Brewing’s Tony Magee

Tony Magee is the Founder and CEO of Lagunitas Brewing Company - the fifth largest and fastest growing craft brewery in the United States. He's also one of the industry's larger-than-life characters, known for shooting from the hip via his Twitter feed. In addition to recently opening a second brewery in Chicago, he's just re-published So You Want To Start A Brewery?, a laugh-out-loud (and recently updated) memoir that he somehow found time to work on.

And even with everything that he's got going on, Mr. Magee kindly agreed to sit down with ACB, and we repaid his graciousness by asking him ...5 STUPID QUESTIONS.

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The American Craft Beer Rumor Mill – October 8, 2014

Hey it's Wednesday and that means it's Rumor Mill Time....Fashion and serious craft beer mix it up creatively in Philly. We'll get into that and on to other things that are breaking right now in the world of craft beer. Plus we've an all-important update on what we've been drinking lately.

We don't sleep so you can....THIS WEEK'S RUMOR MILL IS ON!

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Good Thing We Took Pictures at GABF

For most, a trip to the Great American Beer Festival is a dream come true. And why shouldn't it be? Access to 710 brewers serving more than 3,500 beers and unlimited pours (one ounce at a time) should be reason enough. Yet there is so much more to the weekend, so we at American Craft Beer, along with the rest of the media in attendance, got a special behind the scenes look at all the event has to offer. The real trick was to take enough pictures to remember it all. We tried...

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On the bus with Sean Lawson and Mike Gerhart at SIPtemberfest 2014

It's taken me a while to process everything that happened at this year's SIPtemberfest in Vermont's Mad River Valley. And by "process everything" I mean thoughts, triglycerides and blood alcohol levels. Picture all of the beer that people from all over New England regularly trade their perfectly good weekends and money to procure all in one place and you'd get SIPtemberfest. Perfectly organized by the wonderful Meg Schultz of Meg's Events and flawlessly executed by her gang of volunteers and sponsors.

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The American Craft Beer Quick Hits – October 6, 2014

We blame the industry for this... It used to be that when we wrapped up our Weekend Picks on Friday, we could coast through the weekend. There was little need to check in for updates -things were pretty much done. But clearly all that's changed - especially with the GABF having just wrapped up!

So here's some of what's happened in the world of craft beer while you were off enjoying yourselves.

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