Big Beer Goes Low Alcohol As Australians Sober Up

, Big Beer Goes Low Alcohol As Australians Sober Up

In spite of their widely held reputation as a hard drinking people, beer consumption in Australia has been declining since 1974. And with an increasing number of Aussies opting for a more sober lifestyle, big beer companies are making lower-alcohol versions of everything from Corona to Stella Artois.

Here’s the deal…

, Big Beer Goes Low Alcohol As Australians Sober UpIn an effort to accommodate the growing number of youthful Australian consumers who are forgoing getting seriously buzzed for a more sober and healthful lifestyle, Anheuser-Busch InBev NV has “started offering Australians a lower-alcohol version of Corona, the country’s best-selling foreign beer,” as well as a weaker version of Stella Artois.

According to Bloomberg, full strength beers in Australia can crest around 6 percent. And while that might seem moderate by American craft beer standards, Australians are consuming less beer than ever in that range and gravitating toward beer that might contain half as much alcohol.

To cash in on this growing segment, AB InBev recently introduced Corona Ligera ‘down under’ …and at 3.2% ABV it’s almost a third less strong as the 4.5% original.

Whether Big Beer’s new lower alcohol alternatives will bolster overall beer sales in Australia, remains to be seen.

But in a country that is now drinking almost half as much beer as it did four decades ago according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, global brewers are betting on weaker beers to counter beer’s declining fortunes ‘down under.’


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