Bad Ideas In Brewing – Strawberry Cream Puff Tart Beer

Should never be in beer!

Hey, no one’s perfect…as we at American Craft Beer understand better than most. That said, there are some ideas out there that are monumentally misguided. So welcome to another BAD IDEAS IN BREWING…and we’re concerned that Pabst is responsible for this one.

We will never be comfortable with donut beers. Or feel the need to hit a party with a beer dispensing messenger bag. No one we know needs a beer brewed with Peeps Easter candy and Eastern Europe’s vaginal beer needs to be investigated by the UN.

But when an iconic slacker brand like Pabst brews a Strawberry Cream Puff Tart beer you’ve got to be concerned for both the brewery and for anyone who thinks this might be a good idea to begin with.

Here’s The Deal

As troubling as Pabst’s announcement that they’d brewed a beer using cream puffs, we all need to take a deep breath and put what they’ve done in perspective…

The good news is that Pabst’s new Strawberry Cream Puff Tart Beer is a one-off. It’s brewed by Pabst Milwaukee Brewery and Taproom, their experimental small-batch operation in Wisconsin, so don’t expect this thing to start showing up in your 7-11 any time soon.

And to be fair (although we don’t really want to be) this beer was brewed to debut at the Wisconsin State Fair. And state fairs are notorious for strange offerings like Alaska’s Reindeer Hotdogs, Virginia’s Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joes and the Minnesota’s Chocolate-Covered Bacon…

And the Wisconsin State Fair is evidently known for its cream puffs so the Strawberry Cream Puff Tart Beer started to make more sense until we learned that it was 4.2% ABV Sour…And there’s absolutely no one we know who craves a SOUR cream puff…just sayin.’

Bottom Line

To be honest the most concerning thing about the Strawberry Cream Puff Tart Beer is that it was brewed by Pabst. It’s usually some small craft brewery, desperate for attention, that goof around with stupid ideas like this, not heritage brands like Pabst.

And the brewery responsible for a classic like Pabst Blue Ribbon should never stoop to brewing a gimmick beer and a beer brewed with cream puffs (sour or not) is definitely a gimmick beer.


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