Bad Ideas In Brewing – Leinenkugel’s Lederhosen Sweatsuit

, Bad Ideas In Brewing – Leinenkugel’s Lederhosen Sweatsuit

(Courtesy Leinenkugel’s Beer)

Hey, no one’s perfect…as we at American Craft Beer understand better than most. That said, there are some brewing ideas out there that should never have happened, like beer branded lederhosen sweats.

We’ve never been big fans of Corn Dog and Funnel Cake Beer.  We’d rather drink windshield washer fluid than ever submit to Deer Antler Beer.  And while we get that COVID-19 has put a damper on public Oktoberfest celebrations we’re not sure that the world needs beer branded lederhosen sweats to wear around the house.

Here’s the Deal

, Bad Ideas In Brewing – Leinenkugel’s Lederhosen SweatsuitLeinenkugel’s Beer is a Wisconsin brewery with six generations of family history that’s been brewing beer for almost 150 years. It was purchased by the Miller Brewing company in 1988 and is now part of the Molson Coors family of beers.

With its proud German roots, it’s not surprising that Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfest celebration draws almost 14,000 revelers to its hometown of Chippewa Falls annually. But thanks to COVID-19 it’s not happening this year.

But in lieu of that celebration Leinenkugel’s Beer is now offering unfortunate Oktoberfest garb for a nation largely sheltering-in-place. And as much as we appreciate the brewery’s sentiment, we worry that it has clouded their vision, because no sane individual needs lederhosen sweats…

Last week Leinenkugel’s unveiled its limited-edition “Leiniehosen” a $75 two-piece lederhosen-inspired sweatsuit designed for coronavirus-era Oktoberfest celebrations.

With imprinted high socks, suspenders and a button-down shirt, Leiniehosen attempts to nail down all the important details of lederhosen – just imprinted on a couch-ready hoodie and sweatpants.

And each set has insulated pockets to keep the pretzels warm and beer cold while you’re binge watching Netflix…so there’s that.

“We knew Oktoberfest was going to be looking different this year. The festival was canceled in Germany and in our home of Chippewa Falls”,”Alyssa Bush, associate marketing manager for Leinenkugel’s explained to Beer & Beyond, so we wanted to help drinkers find a way to celebrate it but from the comfort and safety of their homes.”

Bottom Line

, Bad Ideas In Brewing – Leinenkugel’s Lederhosen SweatsuitAs if American beer lovers wearing lederhosen wasn’t worrisome enough to begin with (Oktoberfest celebrations or not), individuals who feel the need to traipse around the house in a lederhosen sweatsuit is truly concerning.

If you have a girlfriend she’ll probably leave you.

And no matter what she thinks about Leinenkugel’s Beer you’ll be celebrating Oktoberfest alone.

Unfortunately Leinenkugel’s limited-edition “Leiniehosen” is only Molson Coors’ latest BAD IDEA IN BREWING…

There’s also this…


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