Bad Ideas In Brewing – Clear Zero Alcohol Office Beer

Brewing, Bad Ideas In Brewing – Clear Zero Alcohol Office BeerHey, no one’s perfect…as we at American Craft Beer understand better than most. That said, there are some ideas out there that are monumentally misguided. So welcome to another BAD IDEAS IN BREWING…and we’re blaming the Japanese for this one.

We’ve never been comfortable with donut beers. We weren’t happy to learn about a beer brewed with Peeps Easter candy. Eastern Europe’s vaginal beer was an atrocious idea….And the whole Glitter Beer thing needs to stop

But a clear, non-alcoholic beer that was brewed specifically to drink in the office is so wrong in so many levels as to boggle the mind…

Here’s The Deal

Brewing, Bad Ideas In Brewing – Clear Zero Alcohol Office BeerIn an effort to shore up declining beer sales in its own backyard, Japanese  drinks giant Suntory, home to Kirin and Asahi, is launching a clear, non-alcoholic ‘beer’ packaged in a plastic bottle which it hopes will attract office workers according to the Drinks Business.

The new beer, if you can even call it that, is an extension of the company’s existing All-Free brand – a non-alcoholic beer, with zero calories, sold in cans and glass bottles.

Some of what differentiates All-Free All-Time from the company’s other alcohol-free offering is that they’ve taken special efforts to remove anything that might visually signify it as beer. And we have to ask why?

And truthfully… who wants a beer that delivers absolutely no buzz to begin with?

If we ever reach a point where we decide it’s time to stop drinking, the last thing we’d do  is chase down a beer that reminds us of a drink we can no longer enjoy….Better to just move on to Kool-Aid and never look back.

But making a beer that delivers zero buzz, is crystal clear, and only comes in plastic containers so as to look like a commercial water bottle seems recklessly ill-conceived. And the fact that Suntory insists that this new drink tastes like beer only further confuses things.

Who wants a glass of water that tastes similar to beer? Perhaps it’s just a cultural thing…Or maybe we can never know the Japanese?

And what makes All-Free All-Time office friendly?

If you’re drinking a non-alcoholic beer in the office to begin with…why does it have to be clear and come in a medicine bottle?

If you really wanted to attract office workers to your brand, wouldn’t it be smarter to offer a beer that delivers real buzz, but looks like bottled water? Then workers could choose take the edge of a high-pressure day at the office, without looking like blatant alcoholics…just sayin.’

Brewing, Bad Ideas In Brewing – Clear Zero Alcohol Office BeerBottom Line

Alcohol-free beer is a refuge not a calling.

And making it clear and packaging it in a plastic bottles as a way of attracting more office workers to  something like All-Free All-Time is just another BAD IDEA IN BREWING…And one that we expect will be a market disaster.

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