American Craft Beer Celebrates Not Celebrating ‘National Drink Beer Day’

, American Craft Beer Celebrates Not Celebrating ‘National Drink Beer Day’

(We’re done with this insanity)

Today is the latest, and possibly the most meaningless in what seems like a never-ending stream of ‘official’ beer days that have become an almost monthly marketing endeavor.

And National Drink Beer Day we’re looking at you.

September 7th was National Beer Lovers Day…We reluctantly celebrated that vacant drinking opportunity…Wasn’t that enough? Shouldn’t we be done?

And didn’t we cover International Beer Day? No one else did. That should suffice.

And at least International Beer Day had some graphics, a poster and its own website….National Drink Beer Day, which for some unknown reasons takes place every September 28th, has nothing…

In fact, internet sites like National Day Calendar, who only exist to chronicle stupid official days like World Beard Day and National Chicken Boy Day, didn’t even bother identifying the origin of National Drink Beer Day, that’s how meaningless it is.

If you’re going to be a National Day you’d think there would be some kind of backstory… Why today? Why beer? Why ever?

, American Craft Beer Celebrates Not Celebrating ‘National Drink Beer Day’

ACB’s Tom Bobak celebrates another National Beer day)

And yes, you can call bullshit on us here at ACB for hyping all these inane ‘beer days’ if you want.

You wouldn’t be the first.

Even though we did finally stop hyping IPA Day…we’re probably guiltier than most, having already shamelessly promoted questionable “beer days” like International Gruit Day, National Lager Day, National Beer Day, and even National Bock Beer Day!

In fact, we may have been the only craft beer site that hyped Barrel Aged Beer Day which was basically a Facebook announcement. That ‘beer day’ only had the support of The Bruery and Bruery Terreux, both wonderful brewing operations, but still…

And we’re supposed to celebrate what? The act of drinking a beer?  What else would you do with beer but drink it?

Do really need a national day for that?

Bottom line, this National Beer Day madness needs to stop and it needs to stop NOW.

Or maybe it’s time for a National Rehab Day…just sayin’.


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