What The Bock! It’s National Bock Beer Day

, What The Bock! It’s National Bock Beer Day

Today is National Bock Beer Day and even though we’re still hurting from too many St Patrick’s Day celebrations – we’re 100% in!

So welcome to ACB’s “second annual” celebration of National Bock Day – for the next 24 hours we’ll be walking, talking and living Bock Beers – and we suggest that you do the same.

What You’re Celebrating

As with all these “national days” it helps to know what you’re celebrating.

Bock Beer is basically a sweet and strong (by European standards) German Lager – and several sub-styles exist within the Bock family

The Maibock was dazzlingly explained in our What the Hell Is a Maibock column so we’re not going to put you through that again, but basically it’s the paler and hoppier version that was brewed for consumption at Europe’s spring festivals.

, What The Bock! It’s National Bock Beer DayDeveloped back in the 17th century by Munich’s Paulaner Friars who primarily drank their way through Lent, the Doppelbock (double bock) is a stronger and more malt-forward variation, that’s been called “a meal in a glass,” for good reason.

The strongest and most intense version in the Bock family, the Eisbock, is crafted by partially freezing the brew and then removing the melted ice that forms.

What To Wear On National Bock Beer Day

Purists insist that the goat-horn headdress is the only way to go – but although an extremely popular look – they unfortunately can be hard to find.

We suggest that you just come festive and be ready for a day of Bock Beer.


Bock Beers That Matter

Anchor BockAnchor Brewing (San Francisco, CA) – Described by the brewery as “a complex blend of malts and fresh, whole-cone hops,”  Anchor Bock Beer is a sessionable 5,5% ABV approach to the tradition – and  is a great way to start celebrating into the night.

, What The Bock! It’s National Bock Beer DayDead Guy AleRogue Ales (Newport, OR) – An award-winning example of balance (that may have you losing yours) is an excellent addition to the Maibock canon. More commonly associated with Halloween, Rogue Dead Guy Ale is brewed using a unique European ale yeast that impressively plays off the crisp Pearl and Sterling hops. And we promise you, it will pair perfectly with your “goat garb.”

Summit MaibockSummit Brewing (St. Paul, MN) – This popular Midwestern brewery likes German traditions and their 6.7% Maibock lager is one of America’s best. Built upon a sturdy foundation of 37 barley and bright Czech Saaz hops, Summit Maibock just screams National Bock Beer Day and will have you doing the same.


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