Tree House Brewing Buys A Greater Boston Country Club

, Tree House Brewing Buys A Greater Boston Country Club

(Courtesy Tree House Brewing)

Founded in a small barn as a one man operation in 2011, Tree House Brewing caught fire almost immediately. By the end of the year the Massachusetts brewery had “thirteen employees and 650-barrel cellar” according to the Boston Business Journal.

In 2017 Tree House moved from its humble roots to a 55,000-square-foot state-of-the-art production brewery in Carlton, a facility that greatly upped the company’s production capability, but lacked in vibe.

But in 2020 the brewery more than made up for that by opening a new location in a spectacular bayside setting on Cape Cod and waited less than 24 hours before announcing another location, this time in a beautiful Western Massachusetts location.

And as if those two locations weren’t amazing enough, the brewery has just announced plans to open another brewing outpost, north of Boston in Tewksbury, Mass, they’ve purchased a country club and intend to keep running the golf course running as well.

, Tree House Brewing Buys A Greater Boston Country Club

(Courtesy Tree House Brewing)

This from Tree House Brewing’s announcement…

“Tree House is purchasing Tewksbury Country Club from Marc Ginsburg and family. In getting to know Marc and his team, and in learning the history of the Club, it was clear that they share the same passion for great experiences and the meticulous attention to detail that we do. We will carry on their legacy with the full vigor and enthusiasm of Tree House Brewing Company.”

“We will evolve the space into an expansive and inviting beer hall and retail store and continue to operate the golf course and various amenities with the full strength of our crew behind it” 

“Tree House is honored to occupy a space in Tewksbury that is accessible to Boston and serves as a gateway to recreational points north. We will add value to the experience of visiting the area by creating a centralized space for community and spirit where friends and families can unite to the taste of artfully crafted beverages and a beautiful environment.”

, Tree House Brewing Buys A Greater Boston Country Club

(Courtesy Tree House Brewing)

“In searching tirelessly for a Tree House location north of Boston, we reached numerous dead ends when trying to find a property that met our standard marrying great architecture, accessibility, and an expansive outdoor environment. We were so delighted to find this property; with its towering timber frame aesthetic, it mimics a property that we would have considered building ourselves. It is an ideal showcase for the tremendous talents of our creative teams in brewing, coffee roasting, distilling, farming, and cooking.”

, Tree House Brewing Buys A Greater Boston Country Club“Our roots are deep in the fabric of Massachusetts, and more broadly, New England, and calling this gorgeous sliver of the Merrimack Valley home fills us with pride and purpose to do even better on your behalf.”

“The long-term vision for Tree House in Tewksbury is to curate a gathering space for friends, families, and groups to celebrate life and each other. As a gateway to points in the city and recreational activities to the north, we hope to build a cultural destination worthy of the region in which it resides. “

Planned to open in Autumn 2022, Tree House Tewksbury is expected to be an economic been to the area they are already in the hunt for thirty to fifty staff members in order to get operations off the ground with opportunities likely in the future.


(All Image credits: Tree House Brewing)

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