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My Favorite Virginia Craft Beers From 2013

It's the holiday season so allow me to be sentimental. I live in Dallas (and there is some kick-ass beer here, people - not just Shiner) but during the holidays, my heart and my palate crave some fine Virginia beer. Perhaps it's because that's where I first got into craft beer, perhaps it's because I'm always back in the Commonwealth for Christmas, or perhaps it's because I just want what I can't get regularly - but whatever the reason, there's no denying that Virginia is becoming as big a craft beer powerhouse as it is a wine region. Allow me to share some of my favs...

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Editor’s Pick – Favorite Craft Beers from 2013

American Craft Beer is not just my voice but many...We're a community of artists, entrepreneurs, writers, and dangerous hopheads based all over the country and we cover the craft beer scene because we love it. We're currently 17 correspondents deep and every one of them knows more about the craft beer scene in their own individual cities/regions than I could ever hope to. And with the holidays already upon us and 2013 fast coming to a close, I thought it might be fun to ask each of our writers to reflect upon the craft beer scene in their particular parts of the country and to share some of their favorites. And we'll be featuring their selections daily throughout December.

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Babes Take Over Orlando Brewing

It's no secret that we here at ACB love the ladies! (Especially considering that more than half of our correspondents happen to hail from the fairer sex.) What's up sistas! So when we had the opportunity to start a project with Megan Cheek, Operations Manager at Orlando Brewing, I busted out the pink brew boots to make some Orlando brewing history...and some beer.

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The American Craft Beer Weekend Picks – November 29, 2013

Hey it's Friday, the beginning of a long holiday weekend, and if you're ready for some serious fun - we are on it! From the nation's coolest beer festivals to movies, music, and cutting-edge TV - we've got your back big-time. Plus we've got some Special Black FridayBeer Picks that you'll need to chase down. So welcome to this week's edition of our awesome Weekend Picks.

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Thanksgiving 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at American Craft Beer!

We so appreciate all of you who've have joined us this year and we're thankful you're here.

Have a wonderful time doing whatever you're doing today and know that we'll be back in action and "all about it" tomorrow...

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The American Craft Beer Rumor Mill – November 27, 2012

Hey it's Wednesday and that means it's Rumor Mill Time....Goose Island has huge Black Friday events planned and we'll be bringing you everything we know so far. And there's a special Smuttynose Open House going on in New Hampshire this Friday and a "one-day-only" release that you don't want to miss at Lakefront. But that's not all...we've also got a special Rumor Mill winter release you'll want to chase down before the holidays. So fasten your seat belts everybody because....THIS WEEK'S RUMOR MILL IS ON!

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