Rumor Mill: Craft Beer Jobs Grow As Big Beer Biz Slows, Bakersfield Courts Urban Breweries

Craft Beer Jobs Grow Even As Big Beer Slows (Washington, DC) – A recent study conducted for the Beer Institute and the National Beer Wholesalers Association, shows that the number of brewing jobs across the US has increased 8% since 2016, with nearly all of that growth coming from craft beer organizations while Big Beer brewery employment remained stagnant.

The “Beer Serves America” study, which was released in May, reports that number of breweries has jumped by 1,191 in the past two years, most of that growth occurring in the small brewery and brewpub sector.

The beer study, based on government and industry data, estimates the wages provided, the economic contribution generated, the taxes paid and the number of jobs supported by the American beer industry.

Key findings from the Beer Serves America report include:

  • Brewers and beer importers directly employ 64,745 Americans. About 58 percent of brewing jobs are linked to large and mid-sized brewers and beer importers.
  • Beer distributors directly employ 134,240 Americans.
  • Overall, the beer industry contributes more than $350 billion in economic output, which is equal to nearly 1.9 percent of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product.
  • Suppliers to the brewing industry – enterprises that manufacture bottles, cans and kegs, cardboard case boxes, brewing equipment or marketing displays – generate nearly $115.3 billion in economic activity and are responsible for more than 491,800 jobs alone


Words To Drink By (Washington, DC) – “Beer has always been my drug of choice…I’ve been drinking it since I was nine.” Tom Bobak / American Craft Beer


California City Hopes To Ease Ordinance To Attract Urban Breweries (Bakersfield, CA) – When one thinks of California brewery locations cities like San Diego and even Anaheim come to mind and now another California city has changed one of its laws in a bid to attract craft breweries to its downtown neighborhood.

Last Wednesday, the Bakersfield City Council voted to eliminate a requirement in the city’s municipal code that requires microbreweries to have onsite kitchens, opening the door to attracting the kinds brewing businesses that have rejuvenated once stagnating city centers such as Grand Rapids Michigan.

What We’ve Been Drinking Lately (Los Angeles, CA) – We recently hit up something we’ve been hoping to sample, a California take on the Mexican lager with taste and swagger. From its striking branding developed by the award-winning Austin-based design house LAND, to its light and bight mouthfeel, Calidad Beer is a welcome 4.5% ABV West Coast take on the proud Mexican Lager tradition.

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