Iconic Mexican Beer On Tour With Banda MS

, Iconic Mexican Beer On Tour With Banda MS

(Banda MS brothers, Sergio and Alberto Lizárragan)

Two Mexican icons have aligned, as Banda MS, the award-winning musical group from the country’s west coast, continues its North American tour, a tour sponsored by Sol beer. The tour brings the band to many of Sol’s key markets in the Pacific and Central regions, and the Southwest.

“Sol and Banda MS are perfect partners because of what Sol stands for as a brand and what Banda MS has done as a group,” Kacy Raffe, associate marketing manager for Sol told Beer & Beyond. “We both celebrate people who unapologetically rep their heritage but bring it to the world in new and different ways.”

For Banda MS, which has founded by brothers Sergio and Alberto Lizárragan in 2003, that means bringing a modern flair to the Mexican banda style, partnering with some of hip-hop’s biggest stars and playing at some of North America’s biggest festivals.

For Sol, it’s the beginning of a new marketing campaign called “Mi Banda Shines.”

, Iconic Mexican Beer On Tour With Banda MS

(Courtesy Molson Coors)

Supported by online video, social media and streaming audio ads, influencer marketing and more, Raffe says the new campaign celebrates sharing culture in new ways. “When we’re together, celebrating authenticity, individuality and embracing culture in new ways, we’re bringing brightness to the world.”

The Sol beer line, which is imported, distributed and marketed in the US by Molson Coors is one of Mexico’s most beloved brands.

Its Chelada (a light beer combined with lime juice and salt) is the top-selling brand in Mexico, while its lager can trace its legacy back to 1899. In the US Sol has been embraced by so-called fusionistas, who blend their Latino cultural heritage with modern American culture.

That fusion is reflected in Sol’s work with Mexican artists to adorn its packaging with colorful artwork. This year, Sol partnered with street artist Farid Rueda, who is known for his use of vibrant colors to celebrate Mexican legends and heritage.

“Sol is a celebration of Mexico, Raffe added. “ That’s why it’s been so popular with our fusionista crowd.”


(All image credits: Molson Coors)

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