Famed Director Films Miller High Life Ads While Sheltering At Home

, Famed Director Films Miller High Life Ads While Sheltering At Home

(Courtesy Miller High Life)

Seeking to build a new ad campaign that resonated with drinkers during this unprecedented time, Miller High Life rekindled its relationship with Errol Morris, an award-winning to documentarian, to develop a new ad campaign that was shot entirely at his home outside of Boston.

Errol’s new series of 15-second spots,  a collaboration with agency Adam & Eve DDB, celebrate personal wins, and of course Miller High Life, with everyone hunkering down. They’re small vignettes of life lived at in the age of COVID-19 and the respite that the right beer can offer in uncertain times…

Morris is best known for The Thin Blue Line” an award-winning documentary about the trial and subsequent conviction of Randall Dale Adams for the murder of Texas police officer. The new spots are filmed in Morris’ signature style using lingering shots, unique framing and, in this case, quietly amusing voiceovers.

Featuring Morris’ son, his son’s buddy and his longtime director of photography, with whom Morris is quarantining, the campaign features cameos of his front porch, his grill, his hair clippers and not unexpectedly plenty of Miller High Life.

“We saw this as a unique opportunity to bring some optimism and levity into drinkers’ lives, and show that even during a lockdown, people can celebrate the small wins that can happen every day with the Champagne of Beers,” Nigel Jones, marketing manager for Miller High Life explained to Beer & Beyond. “These new spots tap into the visual style that helped define what Miller High Life meant to a generation of our fans with an updated message that will appeal to this generation.”

“At the start, the question was, ‘Can we even pull this off?” Jones says. “But Errol found a way to make it work, and it’s awesome. It’s a testament to him as a filmmaker and director that the production quality we saw – even under these limitations – is amazing.”

The new campaign, which began in March and will continue through summer,  hits as the brand (and canned beer in general) is experiencing a resurgence with much of the nation’s bars, taprooms and restaurants closed and more beer lovers drinking at home than ever before, due to the global pandemic.

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