Coors Light Celebrates March Madness With Beer Lollipops

, Coors Light Celebrates March Madness With Beer Lollipops

(Courtesy Coors Light)

March Madness is a big deal for the beer biz. And with the pandemic waning, college basketball fans are flooding US bars to enjoy the games with friends and maybe have a beer or three.

That influx of drinkers helps make March one of the biggest beer-sales months of the year and big brewers like Molson Coors are banking on you being one of them.

College basketball season is prime time for bars and restaurants, with some 90% of fans saying they plan to visit or would be ordering from bars and restaurants during the games, according to market-research firm Technomic.

And while it’s a great time for the beer industry, and especially for hoops fans, it’s also the most stressful. Every game means sudden death for one team and a number of top-seeded teams have already been sent packing.

To ease the stress Coors Light is once again leaning into its “Made to Chill” campaign by offering an outlet when the tension gets too tight: beer-flavored lollipops, they call them Chillollipops, and you can actually purchase a 6-pack of these suckers HERE

, Coors Light Celebrates March Madness With Beer Lollipops

(Courtesy Coors Light)

Inspired previous social experiments where lollipops and hard candies were distributed to club and bar goers at the end of the evening to calm them down and Coors Light hopes that its Chillollipops will have a similar effect on stressed-out sports fans and take that edge off a little.

“The post-season can put fans through the emotional wringer,” April Roberts, associate marketing manager for Coors Light told Beer & Beyond. “And when we learned of previous social experiments that distributed lollipops and hard candies in an attempt to help calm bar patrons at the end of the night, we realized we had a chance to help fans get through a stressful time.”

Chillollipops are available for fans age 21+ (and their intense friends) for $3.17, a nod to the first day of the tournament. The two-toned Coors Light-inspired suckers look like a freshly poured beer and they taste similar to Coors Light, though they contain no alcohol.

Coors Light is also handing them out to March Madness fans taking in games at bars and restaurants in certain markets.


(All image credits: Coors Light)

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