Busch Hosts “Free Beer For Life” Forest Scavenger Hunt

, Busch Hosts “Free Beer For Life” Forest Scavenger Hunt

Courtesy of Busch

Hey we get that we’re not talking Heady Topper here…But still it’s a cool marketing move and it is free beer for life.

Here’s the deal…

Busch is sponsoring a competition on Twitter this week where consumers can win free beer for life if they can find a pop-up store in the middle of a US National Forest in the US this weekend.

The woodland pop-up will take place on July 20 from 10am to 5pm local time, depending on whatever time-zone it ends up being in.

If you manage to find the secret forest bar, there will be free swag and free beer for you to enjoy. And everyone who shows up will also be entered into a raffle that could win you free Busch for life, passes to national parks, a cabin getaway for four, and other prizes.

, Busch Hosts “Free Beer For Life” Forest Scavenger Hunt“We wanted to take the concept of the traditional pop up shop and flip it on its head in a very Busch way,” Daniel Blake, senior director at Anheuser Busch, said. “Busch has the best fans out there who are always up for a little challenge, so we know they’ll be out in the forest finding our hidden ‘Schop’.”

As Thrillist explains this promotion is the result Anheuser-Busch InBev’s partnership with the National Forest Foundation…an alliance that began through the Busch brand in 2018 with the goal of conserving almost 200 million acres of forest.

And this year Busch has promised to plant 100 trees in a national forest for every visitor who makes it to the shop.

Busch will dropping hints all week via twitter as to the pop-up s forest location. So you know what to do if you’re in the mood for a scavenger hunt in the ‘great outdoors’ this weekend …and maybe free beer for life.

All image credits: Busch

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