BrewDog Embraces Cryptocurrency From ‘Punks’

, BrewDog Embraces Cryptocurrency From ‘Punks’

Scotland’s renegade brewers BrewDog have announced another first. They’re allowing their growing family of Equity Punks to invest in the company with cryptocurrency.

Here’s the deal…

BrewDog began as an alternative to the norm…to beer the way it’s always been…to business as usual.

And BrewDog’s crowdfunding campaigns Equity for Punks, which have fueled the brewery’s growth from an irreverent Aberdeenshire, Scotland punk brewery to a global craft beer force, are a perfect example of them building a brewing empire while continuing to think outside of the box.

BrewDog’s Equity for Punks community of shareholders has risen to over 114,000 during its latest campaign. And to give more people a chance to join them, the craft brewer has announced that they are now accepting cryptocurrency from those who choose to buy into their alternative vision…

, BrewDog Embraces Cryptocurrency From ‘Punks’

“BrewDog have unveiled a new way to invest – via Cryptocurrency. The natural next step for the brewery is to accept ten different blockchain currencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Ethereum, Litecoin, OmiseGO, Qtum, Augur, Ripple and 0x).”

“Investors can now buy shares online through these currencies as a payment option on the application form.”

To keep things “beery,” BrewDog has brewed up yet another incentive for its cryptocurrency investors…

Equity Punks who purchase new shares using cryptocurrency in this current fundraising round will have access to 6 cans of a special craft beer Cryptonite, an uber-exclusive West Coast IPA that BrewDog has crafted to celebrate their supporters and the global brewer’s embrace of the alternative currency., BrewDog Embraces Cryptocurrency From ‘Punks’

And BrewDog co-founder James Watt is as bullish about his family of beer loving investors as he is about the brewery now accepting cryptocurrency…

“Our Equity Punks are our community, our shareholders and our friends and the driving force behind our business.”

“The growth BrewDog has shown over the last decade could only have been achieved with their encouragement and support and together we have shown the city slickers what can be achieved with taking charge of something you believe in.”

“Cryptocurrency is exactly the same. If you embrace change to subvert the mainstream we are in your corner; whether your weapons of choice are malt, hops, yeast and water or blockchain.”


All image credits: BrewDog

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