BrewDog Celebrates 15 Years Of Beers With New Employee Ownership Program

, BrewDog Celebrates 15 Years Of Beers With New Employee Ownership Program

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On May 3 BrewDog turned 15 years old, that’s 105 in dog-years! And CEO James Watt to the opportunity to announce that he was giving 5% of his personal holdings valued at £100 million to his employees.

In addition to making the announcement on his popular twitter feed, Watt showcased his new program, as part of the company’s annual BrewDog Blueprint.

And because it’s so impressive that we have republished it here…


James is giving away 5% of BrewDog to our team. This is worth almost £100m at our last capital raising valuation and all of these shares will come directly from James’ shareholding.

This means 3.7 million shares in BrewDog will be distributed evenly amongst all of our salaried team members with each and every salaried team member receiving approximately £30,000* per year in shares over the next 4 years with the first award of shares due in June 2022.

This is worth around £120,000 per person over the next 4 years, but if we continue to grow strongly and reach our goals as a business that value could be considerably more.

This radical new initiative is about ensuring we win collectively and fully recognize all of the hard work that our fantastic team put into our business.

The road ahead is definitely going to be exciting, but it is fair to say that it is not always going to be easy – high growth and striving to redefine an industry never is. Our Hop Stock program will ensure that we are all in this together as we build the future of BrewDog.

Following this announcement, we are now more than 25% owned by the people who matter most to us, our incredible team and our Equity Punk community who have been with us every step of the way on this crazy ride. They collectively are now our largest shareholder and will play a huge part in the next chapter of the story of this remarkable business.

We’re very proud to be taking this step, and to be sharing the success of BrewDog, now and in the future, with you – our people.

Founded in 2007 by James Watt and Martin Dickie BrewDog began as a Scottish garage operation that has become a global craft brewer which now employs over 2,000 team members and operates 111 bars around the world, as well as three hotels.

, BrewDog Celebrates 15 Years Of Beers With New Employee Ownership Program###

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