BrewDog Celebrates Dry January With 7 Convincing Non-Alcoholic Beers

, BrewDog Celebrates Dry January With 7 Convincing Non-Alcoholic Beers

(Courtesy BrewDog)

The Dry January movement has gone global with more people than ever before taking a break from alcohol. In fact, Nielsen recently released a study that 47% of people over the age of 21 are making an effort to cut back or abstain from consuming alcohol.

In the UK and Europe, drinks under 0.5% ABV (many of these beers contain some residual alcohol, just not enough to deliver any kind of buzz) are commonly referred to as “alcohol-free” or “AF”. If you’re in the US, you probably call them “non-alcoholic” or “NA” beers.

So, whether you’ve had it with those brutal hangovers, are making healthier lifestyle changes, or are just “sober curious” about expanding your beer options, BrewDog has you covered this January with an impressive roster of alcohol-free beers that don’t suck.

BrewDog, who once brewed what was then considered to be the world’s most alcoholic beer (the End of History Ale), has incredibly flavorful non-alcoholic beer alternatives for those not interested in getting buzzed. The brewey is serious about the alcohol-free sector, having produced around 25 different AF varieties over the last 12 months.

And here’s what’s out there now…

, BrewDog Celebrates Dry January With 7 Convincing Non-Alcoholic Beers

(Courtesy BrewDog)

Building upon the brewery’s bestselling Punk IPA, with all of that India Pale Ale’s swagger but none of the sometimes troublesome buzz, BrewDog Punk AF delivers juicy tropical fruit flavors and big grassy and pine notes. (37 calories/ 6.5g carbs per serving)

With all of the grapefruit treble notes of its buzzy sibling, BrewDog Elvis Juice, brings huge hop aromatics alongside a bright chorus of orange and pine. (49 calories/ 9g carbs per serving)

Mixing tropical fruits and grassy notes with oats and wheat for a smoother ride, BrewDog Hazy AF is a full-flavored, low alcohol, interpretation of the nation’s most popular sub-style, the New England IPA. (37 calories/ 6.5g carbs per serving)

, BrewDog Celebrates Dry January With 7 Convincing Non-Alcoholic BeersBrewDog has partnered with what many thrash-heads consider “one of the very best bands in the metal world,” Lamb of God, on an alcohol-free collaboration… BrewDog Ghost Walker is an edgy buzz-free American IPA that is crafted and canned at BrewDog’s US brewery outside of Columbus, Ohio(54 calories/ 10g carbs per serving)

Brewed with bold raspberry flavors and lightly sour, BrewDog Faux Fox is a fruit-forward Berliner that’s bright, tart and fruity. 31 calories/ Vegan and Gluten reduced)

A collaboration NZ Hops LTD a cooperative of master growers, BrewDog Nectaron of the Hops is citrusy refresher that won’t muddy your head.

Another collaboration this time with Country Malt, BrewDog Chit Just Got Real, is a non-alcoholic Hazy IPA that rivals its alcoholic counterparts in the malty, crisp taste beer lovers have come to expect.


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