Beer Futures – Cryptocurrency Beer Vending Machines

Although we barely understand the growing cryptocurrency movement, we do understand beer. So word that a tech startup had partnered with Anheuser-Busch to develop the world’s crypto beer vending machine definitely caught our attention.

Here’s the deal…

Civic, a cryptocurrency startup that blokt reports “was founded by Vinny Lingham who starred in the famous show Shark Tank South Africa in 2016, is set to release a beer vending machine that accepts peer-to-peer digital currencies and to verify the age of its user.”

Civic’s crypto beer vending machine which is making its debut this week In NYC at Consensus 2018 incorporates decentralized blockchain architecture to ensure smooth transactions and to verify the customer’s age.

Civic explains that their goal is to decentralize the age-verification process….

“We give decision-making power to people who are often unqualified to deal with the complexities of ID verification.  For the first time ever, people can anonymously verify their age with the help of Blockchain.”

About 600 free beers are expected to be dispensed daily at the conference using the machine. This means that any attendee can get a drink once their age has been verified to be legal.

And did we mention that Civic had partnered with Anheuser-Busch to develop the world’s first crypto beer vending machine?

No accident there, either…

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