‘Beer And Dogs’ News Bites

Dogs have long shared a special bond with beer-lovers and brewers. Countless breweries have doggish names and dogs have graced beer labels for ages.

With that in mind we’ve some “Beer and Dogs News Bites.”

BrewDog’s New Punk IPA & Dog Beer Gift Pack

We think it’s fair to say that no craft brewer celebrates its relationship with dogs more actively then BrewDog.

When BrewDog launched back in 2007 it was a two man (James Watt and Martin Dickie) and one dog (Bracken) operation and even though Bracken is now in “doggy heaven” their commitment to dogs has been one of the company’s constant directives

In 2017 BrewDog instituted  Pawternity Leave a global initiative that would not only permit its staff to bring their dogs to work with them daily…but it also allowed employees puppies or unsettled rescue dogs a week’s leave while their new furry friend’s acclimated themselves to their new homes.

When BrewDog opened its Tower Hill Bar in London last year, they actually invited the neighborhood’s dogs to help chose the first beer’s ingredients as part of its launch.

BrewDog now offers doggy birthday parties at all of its bars in the UK, complete with platters full of dog-safe pup-cakes and party hats…

Last fall, BrewDog introduced BrewDog Subwoofer IPA, the world’s first craft beer brewed exclusively for dogs. And they’ve now doubled down on the concept with a new Dog & Man gift pack.

Conceived so “you’ll never have to drink alone,” BrewDog Just The 2 Of Us contains a beer for you, Punk IPA and a Subwoofer dog beer for your furry best friend.

Anchor Brewing Adds Dogs to Its Flagship February Campaign

While the industry is still buzzing about the ongoing union organizing effort at Anchor Brewing, were more excited about their commitment to Flagship February.

And in support of Flagship February, as well its very fine Steam Ale, Anchor has smartly enlisted the aid of puppies to its campaign…C’mon, who doesn’t like puppies?”

Earlier this month, Anchor Brewing also teamed up with Family Dog Rescue in San Francisco to host a fundraising and adoption event, providing the perfect opportunity for more timeless dog-inspired marketing material.

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