Beer Alert – New Winter Pale Ales, Seasonal Exotics, and Barrel Aged Saisons!

Fall has given way to winter in our latest collection of serious beer releases…And we’ve five interesting new craft beer directions (some of them ENORMOUS) that you’re gonna want to chase down as we go into the holidays

Raspberry & Chocolate (Ft Collins, CO) – New Belgium will soon be shipping their own celebration of the ruby red fruit found in Belgium’s best Framboise ales. New Belgian Imperial Frambozen with Cocoa is a 8.5% ABV Raspberry Ale, tempered with 70%  pure dark Ghana cocoa husks, locally roasted and ground by Nuance Chocolate in Fort Collins.

Winged Vengeance (San Leandro, CA) – Drake’s Brewing has a new cold-weather seasonal that’s a welcome change from the predictable winter warmers populating retail at this time of year. Pumped with bright notes of crushed pine needles, dank herbaceousness, and a touch of grapefruit sweetness.  Drake’s Dark Wing is a 7.5% ABV wintertime IPA with a fuller body and sturdier malt backbone than many India Pale Ales.

East meets West (Escondido, CA) – Stone Brewing has a new Spotlight Series release where teams of their in-house brewers compete for the opportunity to have their winning creation brewed commercially and distributed nationally. And Miguel Ceja Andrade and Brandon Berube winning East-meets-West Coast IPA creation, is hitting retail this week. Described as one of the most intense hop experiences the brewery has ever released, Miguel Ceja Andrade / Brandon Berube / Stone Merc Machine is a 9% ABV hop-bomb that melds the juiciness of the New England IPA with the West Coast tradition.

Give Thanks (Portland, OR) – Lompoc Brewing has a new Select Series release that’s gonna be perfect for Thanksgiving. Spicy and fueled on subtle notes of port and oak, Lompoc’s Barrel Aged Cranberry Saison is a 5% ABV Belgian-Style Ale with a surprisingly tangy finish.

Pissed Off (Newport, Or) – As arctic clouds threaten a season of tacky sweaters, sketchy eggnog parties and awkward family gatherings, Rogue Ales will be fighting back with a special release that they’ve brewed every fall for 15 years. Crafted with evergreen tips from their own Pacific Northwest backyard, Rogue Yellow Snow Spruce Tip Pilsner is a 5.5% ABV winter classic that you can power-pound throughout the holidays and not lose your edge.

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