Are Augmented Reality Beer Labels The Future?

, Are Augmented Reality Beer Labels The Future?

(Courtesy BEERSCANS™)

Imagine a future where beer cans and bottles tell stories about the beer you’re enjoying.

Well that future may be closer than you think….

An Australian tech company will soon be rolling out a new platform that will allow craft brewers to turn their beer labels into unique virtual experiences.

Scheduled for a Q3 2021 rollout, BEERSCANS™ is a platform developed for the craft beer industry that uses smartphones to scan labels, and augmented reality to project content from the brewer back onto their own cans and bottles.

Dave Chaffey, from Third Aurora, the company behind the platform, said the “wow factor” is a powerful draw to attract customers and that it’s a great fit for the craft beer industry…

, Are Augmented Reality Beer Labels The Future?“This is all about delivering a great experience, one that’s a bit different. “The augmented reality is just incredible. You literally see jaws drop. “

“It’s informative, and entertaining – and it’s with real people, telling their story straight their own product. That authentic mix is where consumers see value, and we think it aligns well with the craft beer movement.”

Forgoing the more traditional QR codes in favor of a new process the company calls “Intelligent Product Recognition,” craft brewers will soon be able access the platform and create their augmented reality display.

Breweries will be able to share a beer’s backstory with the consumer in realtime, via a system that the company claims is “as easy to manage as your Facebook page.”

“A business only has to upload one label for our system to learn, and then every identical label across the world activates,’ according to Chaffey.  “Whether it’s from the latest batch, or an old bottle that’s been in a fridge for ten years.”

Bottom Line…

With more than 8000 breweries currently operating in the US alone, anything that helps a brand stand out and creates a bond with its consumers is important, and this augmented reality system certainly got our attention.

But the overall success of this venture, like so many things, is dependent on cost. Which when we visited the BEERSCANS™ website wasn’t available.

Profit margins for most craft brewers historically tend to be tight. So while we’re pretty sure that there’s a place augmented reality beer packaging, the question remains “will it deliver the necessary bang for the buck?”


All image credits:BEERSCANS™

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