American Craft Beer Grudgingly Celebrates National Drink Beer Day


Have we finally reached a point of ‘official beer day” overkill? That tipping point where if we ever see another special beer day we’re going to shoot ourselves.

Can we admit that this whole beer day thing has grown tired?

beer, American Craft Beer Grudgingly Celebrates National Drink Beer Day

ACB’s Tom Bobak celebrates

Can we get real for a moment and call these designated beer days for what they’ve essentially become, nothing more than socially endorsed marketing opportunities….And National Drink Beer Day were looking at you.

And you’re allowed to point your finger our way… After all weren’t we just hyping International Beer Day?

It’s true…We’re as guilty as anyone (and many claim, worse) having already shamelessly promoted questionable ‘beer days’ like International Beer Day, National Lager Day, International Gruit Day, National Beer Day, and even National Bock Beer Day!

And now we find that today has been designated a National Drink Beer – a celebration so marginal that only the most content-hungry publications would ever address it.

First celebrated in 2009 (who knew?), by some dude named Justin Smith, National Drink Beer Day reportedly correlates to the end of prohibition and more specifically to the “Cullen–Harrison Act, which was signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933 to mark the end of the alcohol ban.”

And the purpose of National Drink Beer Day is mind-numbing call to action that we hope we don’t have to explain.

So celebrate today if you want …after all National Drink Beer Day is as a good a reason to start drinking early as any.

But while you’re drinking, ask yourself this…

Aren’t all these beer days beginning to ring hollow? Haven’t we celebrated enough of them?

Maybe it’s time for National Rehab Day….just sayin’.



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