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Shop ’til You Drop: Craft Beer at Whole Foods

Shopping just got a whole lot more attractive. You can now drink craft beer while you get your groceries at Whole Foods in Washington, DC. You've never gone through the frozen foods section until you've done it while sipping a pint of Deviant Dale's IPA.

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Atlanta gets a scare out of Boos and Brews!

When it comes to craft beer and Halloween, Atlanta Beer Festivals knows how to throw one heckuva party in the form of their Boos and Brews. Sweetwater Brewery, already a no-brainer destination for serious beer, was decked out for Halloween to greet many of Atlanta's finest revelers.

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Saddle Up for a Double Dose of Texas Beer Week

Been putting off a trip to Texas because of the summer heat? Fall is one of the best times to visit the state - cooler temps, a slew of fall restaurant openings and trendy events, and two awesome beer events coinciding on the same week: Dallas Beer Week and Houston Beer Week. 

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A Visit to the Beer Gods at Church Brew Works

"On the 8th day, Man created beer." On Liberty Avenue in Lawrenceville, a beautiful church with magnificent round stained glass windows would draw anyone's attention. The building's facade is unique and breathtaking, but possibly it's most attention grabbing detail is a small sign carrying the words "The Church Brew Works." Suddenly you become confused. "Wait, brew like beer?" And the answer is yes, brew like awesome beer.

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“I Guess You Could Call It My Mid-life Crisis”

Gary Sink grew up in Europe, falling in love with the culture and the beer that Germany and England gave him. Now he is the owner of The Beveridge Place Pub, a beer bar that has been called the best beer spot in Seattle, is ranked in the top-100 in the U.S., and was even rated in the top-50 in the world. How did he get here?

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The American Craft Beer Rumor Mill – November 7, 2012

It's Wednesday and its Rumor Mill Time! You probably heard something about what was happening yesterday: Greg Griffin turned 48. What's that you say? There was more than just the singer for Bad Religion's birthday? Well, shucks, you got us...there was an election. Now, regardless of your feelings of the outcome, we have news for you! The American Craft Beer Rumor Mill has been churning, and as Bad Religion once said: "Remember the first word in USA is us." On to the beer!

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Craft Beer Bookworm On Your Christmas List?

Hard to believe that the calendar has flipped to November. The leftover Halloween candy isn't looking too good at this point and the supermarkets are all getting their frozen turkeys delivered. Must mean it's time to start the task of writing out a gift list for all the family members, and that includes the craft beer lover in your life too!

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