Serious Bohemian Pilsners and India Pale Ales

, Serious Bohemian Pilsners and India Pale Ales

(Courtesy East Brother Beer Co.)

Summer is ON! And brewers are addressing the season with intriguing new offerings you might want to chase down this weekend.

Bros Bo (Richmond, CA) – East Brother Beer Co. is a San Francisco Bay area brewery which was founded by two friends and excels at brewing classic styles. And they’ve a great lager that absolutely nails it. Crafted using a deft medley of Styrian, Aurora and Tettnanger hops,  East Brother Bo Pils is a 5% ABV Bohemian-Style Pilsner with a clean finish with understated hoppiness.

Soul Shakedown (Indianapolis, IN) –Sun King Brewery, the second-largest craft brewery in Indiana, and winner of the most GABF medals of all individual breweries in 2020, has a huge new limited release that starts with the brewery’s popular Scotch Ale. A Bronze Medal winner in the Classic Styles category at the 2014 Festival of Barrel-Aged Beer, Sun King Soul Shakedown Party is an enormous 14.1 ABV Wee-Heavy Ale that was deftly-aged in rum barrels.

, Serious Bohemian Pilsners and India Pale Ales

(Courtesy River North Brewery)

Tripling Down On Cinnamon (Denver, Co) – Cinnamon is a great addition to many things: coffee, tea, any kind of baked goods like cinnamon rolls (obviously) and now River North Brewery is extending the possibilities to its bestselling whiskey-barrel aged stout. Debuting on July 31, River North Triple Cinnamon Mr. Sandman is a silky-smooth 11% ABV Imperial Stout that has been brewed with three varieties of cinnamon sourced from the far corners of the world: Sri Lankan Ceylon, Vietnamese Cassia, and Indonesian Korintje.

Grapefruit Infused (Columbus, OH) – BrewDog USA has fruit-forward year-round that was first introduced in 2015 and is currently available as part of its new Summer Mixed Pack. BrewDog Elvis Juice is a 6.5% ABV grapefruit-infused American IPA with a bitter edge that might push your citrus tolerance to the brink if it wasn’t tethered to a  sturdy deep caramel malt backbone that prevents the full frontal fruit overload that mars so many tropical fruit-forward India Pale Ales.

, Serious Bohemian Pilsners and India Pale Ales###

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