Natty Light’s Backyard Dorm Contest Is Stupid Fun

, Natty Light’s Backyard Dorm Contest Is Stupid Fun

(Courtesy Natural Light)

The contest also offers a “semester’s worth of beer money” so don’t tell us you’re not going to enter…

Here’s the deal…

With many colleges now going virtual in the fall thanks to COVID-19, it’s been a tough time for US college kids now imprisoned at home.

But with the pleasures of dorm life now on hold, Natural (Natty) Light, that infamous mainstay of all-night college parties, is sponsoring a “dorm from home” contest that at least provides a little “stupid fun” in these sometimes depressing times.

Last week, the Anheuser-Busch-owned bargain beer brand announced plans to gift a fully equipped backyard dorm room to one student at least 21 years old.

“Having to miss a semester on-campus is a devastating feeling for our fans,” said Daniel Blake, Vice President of US Value Brands at Anheuser-Busch….

, Natty Light’s Backyard Dorm Contest Is Stupid Fun

(Be creative)

“We could never replace the full experience, but Dorm From Home will give a piece of the college lifestyle back to one lucky fan and more importantly, it’s a reminder to the full Natty community that the college experience is worth celebrating, no matter where you are.”

Conveniently the backyard dorm comes on wheels, so you can tow it anywhere once this madness dissipates…

It also provides a “safe space” from parents while students sit out the fall semester, complete with a flat screen TV, heat, air conditioning and electricity, a mini fridge, a gaming system and a semester’s worth of Natty Light (2 cases a month for three months)…so there’s that.

And participation isn’t taxing either….

For the chance to win, fans 21+ can post a photo on social with #DormFromHome and #contest to make the case why they deserve their own space this semester to dorm from home.

Natty will then select a winner based on the most creative and convincing argument that reflects the Natty Light personality and values…So we suggest that you GO FOR IT!

And the lucky winner will receive the tricked out mobile home direct to their doorstep at the start of the fall semester.

For more contest details you’ll need to go HERE

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