Miller Lite Beer Ads Laugh At Life’s Awkward Moments

, Miller Lite Beer Ads Laugh At Life’s Awkward Moments

(Courtesy Miller Lite)

Miller Lite is debuting a new series of humorous ads that celebrate escaping those uncomfortable moments we’ve all endured.

, Miller Lite Beer Ads Laugh At Life’s Awkward Moments Here’s the deal…

Life presents awkward moments, like professional networking conferences when you’re not in the mood or meeting your future in-laws.

Acknowledging those times, Miller Lite will be running some funny spots during the college basketball playoffs this weekend, that offer a beer-fueled escape from those painful situations.


“In those awkward, uncomfortable, inauthentic moments, what if you could grab a Miller Lite to be with your real friends and have some Miller Time?” Courtney Benedict, senior director of marketing for Miller brands told  Beer & Beyond.

“We’re trying to show you that Miller Time, those meaningful moments with your friends where you can just be yourself, is just a Miller Lite away.”



Benedict says the Miller Lite’s new “Beer Me” campaign (which was produced by DDB Chicago) also seeks to bring humor and fun back into the Miller Lite promotion mix. “It communicates the brand’s tone of simple, self-aware and honest. Miller Lite is a beer you’d like to have a beer with.”


Miller Lite has been championing several attention grabbing campaigns lately.

They recently introduced scented candles that smell like those bars we’ve all been missing thanks to COVID-19.

Last December Miller Lite  worked with artist Ale Prager in a campaign that bids farewell to those equally awkward work holiday parties that many of us are still scarred by.

And Miller Lite’s ugly holiday sweater line is legend.

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