BrewDog Plans To Open New Brewery In China

BrewDog’s Martin Dickie and James Watt

Don’t these guys ever sleep?

Scottish punk brewer’s BrewDog plan to open a brewery in China. And why not? It’s the world’s #1 market for beer, and BrewDog’s second largest international market.

Here’s the deal…

BrewDog’s world domination tour, which recently finalized the location for their new brewery in Australia, is setting its sights on China where the country’s rise in disposable income has upped the demand for premium beer (and especially premium craft beer).

And BrewDog, who have already seen its exports to China grow 117% in 2016, is clearly now thinking “why import our beers to China when we could build a hub on the mainland,  limit the shipping costs, and service that region’s beer lovers with FRESH craft at the same time?”

According to the China Daily, The brewery is looking to raise at least 10 million pounds in its latest equity crowdfunding scheme, with the high-end goal of raising up to 50 million pounds to further its global expansion.

The latest leg of their ongoing crowdfunding ventures, Equity for Punks V was conceived to support several of BrewDog’s projects including a new beer hotel at their headquarters in Scotland, the river-front brewery to be built in Brisbane and their eventual  incursion into China.

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