BrewDog Debuts World’s First Craft Beer For Dogs

BrewDog, BrewDog Debuts World’s First Craft Beer For Dogs

We’re not sure if BrewDog’s ‘dog-only’ craft beer is actually the first ever, but Scotland’s punk brewers have a proven affinity for dogs, so we’re giving them this one.

Here’s the deal…

BrewDog launched back in 2007 as a two man (James Watt and Martin Dickie) and one dog (Bracken) operation, and we think is fair to say that there are few breweries anywhere that could be considered more pro-canine.

In 2017 BrewDog instituted  Pawternity Leave a global initiative that would not only permit its staff to bring their dogs to work with them daily…but it also allowed employees with puppies or unsettled rescue dogs a week’s leave while their new furry friend’s acclimated themselves to their new homes.

Last May BrewDog opened their new Tower Hill Bar in London and as part of that launch they actually invited the neighborhood’s dogs to help chose the first beer’s ingredients.

BrewDog, BrewDog Debuts World’s First Craft Beer For Dogs

And BrewDog now offers doggy birthday parties at all their fine establishments of serious drinking in the United Kingdom, complete with platters full of dog-safe pup-cakes and party hats…

The only thing they’ve been missing is a craft beer for dogs…but that too ends now!

Introducing BrewDog Subwoofer IPA, the world’s first craft beer brewed exclusively for dogs.

Originally developed by the kitchen team at the brewery’s Liverpool bar, Subwoofer is a real beer crafted with wort from BrewDog’s brewery and the same malted barley and hot water that go into its human IPAs. But to keep it dog-friendly it’s necessarily alcohol-free, hop-free, non-carbonated and it’s full of healthy goodies for canine companions.

The result is a dog-friendly beer with a sturdy malt backbone and citrusy hop-like overtones. But Subwoofer (terrific name!) also has a meaty element that makes it even more appealing to dogs and it’s loaded with B vitamins and probiotics that promote healthy and nutritious hydration.

Crafted to be totally ‘pawsome’ BrewDog suggests pairing your dog’s Subwoofer IPA with artisan Milk Bones and a pat on the head.

All image credits: BrewDog

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