Best Stupid Beer Crimes Of The Week

You think it’s safe for beer lovers out there? Think again. And here are three “stupid beer crimes” we’d bet you didn’t see coming…

Man Crashes Car into Beer Distribution Center Stealing Two Beers

Sometimes we just can’t make these stupid beer crimes up.

Take for instance, the extremely brazen beer thief who rammed his Ford SUV through the front of Newtown Square Beverage  near Philadelphia on Wednesday around 4 am and escaped with only two beers.

That’s right….the dude was so thirsty that he went full-on battering ram and “Game of Throned” his way through a beer warehouse wall and only stole TWO beers.  “Two Bud Ices to be exact,” reports Fox 29.


Modelo Beer Truck Stolen

With regard to scope and scale this week’s biggest beer crime happened just southeast of Chicago in Calumet City, Illinois. But as things turned out it may have been more of a straightforward beer truck joyride, rather than a planned mobile beer heist.

A truck filled with Modelo beer was stolen when the driver left the keys in the ignition while making a delivery. Somebody just hopped into it and drove off,’’ Chicago police spokesman Tom Ahern, told the Chicago Tribune

Police considered deploying helicopters to chase the wayward beer truck down, but Chicago is called the ”Windy City” for a reason and it was just windy for them to take to the air.

Later that afternoon police found the tractor-trailer abandoned in Calumet City. It hadn’t crashed and its contents were “intact,’’ Ahern said.


Beer Shoplifter Takes 2-year-old Child on Beer Run

Earlier this week an extremely intoxicate beer shoplifter took a toddler on a beer run in South Phoenix, before being arrested for stealing three 30-packs of beer aa well as for aggravated DUI.

According to ABC 15, police detained 25-year-old Orlando Lee Eschief, who admitted to “drinking two beers. However, police say, his blood-alcohol level was .257 — more than three times the legal limit.”

Police also found a 2-year-old child in the backseat of Eschief’s car who seemed to have enjoyed the beer run.

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