Stupid Beer Crimes – Man Steals Police Car For Beer Run

beer, Stupid Beer Crimes – Man Steals Police Car For Beer Run

Many of us have gone the distance to chase down a beer, but few of us have shown the kind of commitment that one 22-year-old Californian has…The dude stole a police cruiser for his beer run.

In the annals of Stupid Beer Crimes, this one’s right up there.

Zachary Samaha was arrested over the weekend after stealing a Sacramento police car which he promptly crashed into a telephone pole on his beer run.

According to the, Merced Sun-Star Samaha stole the unattended police car while officers were dealing with an incident.

It was ex-security guard Chris Marzan who decided to follow the swerving patrol car (never a good sign) as it performed a U-turn, crashed into a telephone pole and continued down the, Stupid Beer Crimes – Man Steals Police Car For Beer Run

Samaha eventually arrived at a liquor store where he staggered out of the damaged police vehicle in tracksuit bottoms instead of a police uniform, (always a dead giveaway). At that point Marzan alerted law enforcement that the car had been stolen and readied for action…

With the police not yet having arrived, Marzan performed a citizen’s arrest as Samaha left the liquor store with a 40-ounce bottle of malt liquor in hand, already opened and waited for officials to arrive.

Samaha was later charged with vehicle theft and driving under the influence… and his malt liquor most likely held as evidence…

Banner image credit: Ozini

Sacramento police logo credit: Sacramento Police Department

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