Beer Science – ‘Hair Of The Dog’ Actually Works!

, Beer Science – ‘Hair Of The Dog’ Actually Works!

ACB’s Tom Bobak working with University of Greenwich researchers

How come we’re not surprised to learn that science is now confirming what many of you have long known, that a beer (or two) can help you fend off a hangover’s headache?

After assessing 18 studies on the matter (you gotta love this kind of scientific rigor), University of Greenwich researchers have decided that two pints of beer after a night of “tearing it up,” can help lessen the hangover’s impact.

First the bad news…

According to their findings, remedial drinking (ideally at breakfast, along with that Egg McMuffin) will only lower your headache’s pain by 25%, which may not be any more effective at relieving your hangover than that greasy fast-food sandwich you’re chowing down on.

Now the good…

Even though the University of Greenwich researchers conclude that remedial drinking’s help may be limited (hey 25% can be a gift depending on the damage done!), it’s still an opportunity to try a new beer release or two. It also provides a welcome morning buzz, so you won’t be obsessing over last night’s embarrassing missteps.

According to the UK’s Independent researchers boringly explained things this way…

“Findings suggest that alcohol is an effective analgesic that delivers clinically-relevant reductions in ratings of pain intensity, which could explain alcohol misuse in those with persistent pain, despite its potential consequences for long-term health.”

Which is basically their “fancy-pantsy” way of saying that even though they’ve concluded that remedial beer can help alleviate your headache to a certain degree, they’re not exactly sure WHY this happens.

Some think that remedial drinking effects the brain receptors somehow and reduces pain that way, others suggest that the light alcohol buzz is a factor, that in elevating our mood we just think our headache pain isn’t as bad.

Bottom Line…, Beer Science – ‘Hair Of The Dog’ Actually Works!

Drinking a beer (or two) to alleviate your hangover, is beginning to look less and less like barroom mythology passed down over the ages…and more like settled science.

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