Beer Bytes: Outer Range Dumps 3,000 Gallons Of Beer, The Maine Beer Box Ships Again

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A popular Colorado brewery is making good on bad beer. And the Maine Beer Box is in open waters.

Colorado Brewery Makes Good on Bad Beer

On Wednesday, Outer Range Brewing, a popular Frisco, Colorado brewery, “posted on its social media channels that it is offering refunds due to recent canned beer that is not up to the business’ quality standards.”

“Upon hearing reports that some of our customers noticed a ‘Belgian-y’ character in one of our beers, our production team immediately met and suspected that the beer contained saccharomyces cerevisiae variant diastaticus, which is a natural variant of many yeasts brewed around the world, especially Belgian style beers,” the post stated. “Diastaticus will continue to convert normally non-fermentable starches to simpler structured fermentable sugar and referment the beer after packaging if not kept cold.”

To make up for off-flavors that are inconsistent with its India Pale Ales, Outer Range is asking those who purchased cans between June 28 and July 8 fill out a form for a refund. According to the Summit Daily that would include cans of Welkin IPA, In the Deep Steep IPA, Stream IPA and Brook IPA.

In its post, Outer Range mentions that in spite of ‘off-flavors” those beers are still safe to consume, but that the cans may have bulged or popped open, which is never a good thing. And that the brewery was dumping 3,000 gallons of beer along with tightening their quality control.

Chris Cary | Maine Brewers’ Guild

The Maine Beer Box Ships Again

The Maine Beer Box is in open waters, and bound for the Seaport Cider and Beer Fest in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The box, a 40-foot-long, refrigerated shipping container with 78 beer taps and a self-contained draft system is making its third international voyage. The custom-built box which was designed and is owned by the Maine Brewers Guild, traveled to Leeds, England, last fall and first went abroad in 2017, to Reykjavik, Iceland.

The trips are intended to introduce Maine craft beer to overseas export markets. And the effort is paying off, according to Maine Brewers’ Guild’s Executive Director, Sean Sullivan…

“This is an exciting next step in the evolution of the Maine Beer Box. We had already seen an increase in beer tourism as a result of our trips overseas and now brewers are making those first important steps towards establishing new international markets.” 

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