Beer Buzz – New Jersey Gov. Not Swallowing New Beer Restrictions , Maine Beer Box And More!

Yikes, October already… and clearly the craft beer biz isn’t slowing down any time soon. But no worries, the Beer Buzz is always on the case, keeping you up on all the beer news and lifestyle that matters. Plus we’ve an all-important update on what we’ve been drinking lately and you don’t want to miss that!

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy Not Loving New Craft Brewery Restrictions (Trenton, NJ) – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy who is reportedly a “Budweiser guy” was just as surprised as anyone when he learned about the Alcoholic Beverage Commission’s imposing new restrictions on New Jersey’s smaller craft breweries,

In 2012 New Jersey legislators passed a more progressive law allowing small breweries to serve their brand in-house as well as sell beer to go from their breweries. That law has enabled the state’s craft brewers to flourish and led to all kinds spin-off beer-related community activities held at many of those New Jersey breweries…activities that are now being limited to 25 on-site activities annually by a suprise Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control ruling.

On Monday the Governor Murphy hosted a Facebook Live town hall,where he admitted that the new restrictions took him by surprise and that his administration is “looking at that.” “I’m not sure that’s the right, sensible step to take,” Murphy added, “the craft beer industry has sort of taken a real hold in our state. It’s become a source of great sort of pride.”


Words to Drink By (Trenton, NJ) “My son turned 21, and if he’s having a beer, he’s having a craft beer…I’m old school I’m having a Bud. And there ought to be room for both.” New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy


The Maine Beer Box Takes Center Stage At The Leeds International Beer Festival (Leeds UK) – Maine brewers have just returned from the United Kingdom’s largest craft beer festival where the Maine Beer a travelling shipping container that’s been tricked out to showcase for Maine craft beer made its UK debut.

Brewers from across the state filled the Maine Beer Box with their best and shipped it in freighter over 3,000 miles to Leeds, England. The Maine Beer Box contained over 400 kegs, from 65 breweries and 78 different beers ranging from New England IPAs and sour ales to an oyster stout and spruce ale.

The Maine Beer Box is a custom-built, 12-meter long, refrigerated shipping container, complete with 78 beer taps on the side and a fully self-contained, CO2 draft system. Its function allows Maine beer to be served anywhere that can be reached by land or sea, and serves as a symbol of the collaborative spirit of Maine’s brewers.

What We’ve Been Drinking Lately (Fort Collins, CO) – Last night we tapped something seasonal from Sam Adams Beers of Fall Variety Pack that had the decency to wait for the weather to start cooling to be released.  Brewed with four different varieties of fresh pumpkin and tethered to a rich caramel and malt backbone, Samuel Adams Pumpkin Ale is a 5.7% ABV modern take on a colonial tradition with a well-rounded roasted character.

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