Beer Buzz: UK Craft Brewery Sells To Global Major, Maine Brewers’ Guild Debuts Digital Beer Travel Planner

The beer biz never sleeps at American Craft Beer. And here’s some more of what’s been happening in the beer world while you were drinking your way to the Final Four.

Maine Brewers’ Guild Debuts New Beer Travel Planner (Portland, ME) – The Maine Brewers’ Guild, one of the most progressive craft beer guilds in the country, continues to champion innovative initiatives to promote the state’s more than 120 breweries.

In 2017 the guild introduced the Maine Beer Box, a branded shipping container with more than 50 taps designed as a way to introduce Maine Beer overseas. The Maine Beer Box has already made its way to Iceland and back. And in 2018 it traveled over 3,000 miles to Leeds, England, where it was the centerpiece of the United Kingdom’s largest craft beer festival.

Now the Maine Brewers’ Guild has a new beer travel planner on its revamped website. According to MaineBiz,”the user-friendly planner allows for searches by brewery names with five feature icons — outdoor seating, family friendly, food, tours and tastings — that users can you incorporate in a personalized map they can save and easily share with others.”

Words To Drink By (Portland, ME) – “It’s meant to be plug and play. We don’t want it to be prepackaged…we want people to create their own adventure.” Sean Sullivan, Executive Director of the Maine Brewers’ Guild

Magic Rock Sells To A Kirin Subsidiary (UK) – On Friday Magic Rock Brewing announced that it was selling its entire operation to Lion, one of Australia’s largest food and beverage companies. Lion, who purchased Australia’s heritage craft brewery Little Creatures in 2012 and London’s Fourpure in 2018 is owned by Japan’s Kirin Holdings Company Limited.

The Magic Rock/Lion/Kirin Holdings deal (the terms of which remain undisclosed) will afford the Huddersfield, England brewery to expand its operation and infrastructure, which is, according to Magic Rock’s Managing Director Richard Burhouse, already “maxed out.”

Magic Rock Beers are currently available all over the UK and exported to more than 25 countries worldwide and now that the brewery has been acquired by Lion/Kirin Holdings, expect that number to grow.

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