World’s Largest Beer Tasting Sets New Guinness Record

From the “who cares if they didn’t’ department comes this important beer story…

As Paris burned and Alaska was rocked with multiple earthquakes, UK brewer and pub operator Brewhouse & Kitchen broke the world record for the largest beer tasting across multiple venues landing them a place in the Guinness Book of Records (at least until BrewDog takes on the challenge).Brewhouse, World’s Largest Beer Tasting Sets New Guinness Record

In a world besieged by multiple wars, starvation, drought, plague and death, 1,264 people with apparently nothing better to do, guzzled three brews simultaneously across 21 different Brewhouse & Kitchen sites.

Guinness World Records adjudicators (people get paid for doing things like this?) having overseen this planned event ruled the attempt a big success.

However the massive collective belch that may have followed the three beer throwdown proved less quantifiable and as a result won’t be making into their book of records any time soon.

This leaves Italy’s Michelle Forgione with Guinness’ only belching record for the world’s longest burp (1 minute 13 seconds 57 milliseconds) a title that has surprisingly gone unchallenged since 2009!

Founded in 2011 by Simon Bunn and Kris Gumbrell, Brewhouse & Kitchen now has 22 sites across the United Kingdom including venues in British-sounding cities like Bristol, Bournemouth, Bedford, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Chester, Dorchester, Gloucester Quays, Highbury, Horsham, Hoxton, Islington, Lichfield, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Poole, Portsmouth, Southbourne, Southampton, Southsea, Sutton Coldfield and (of course) Wilmslow.Brewhouse, World’s Largest Beer Tasting Sets New Guinness Record

According to the Drinks Business, “London law firm Jolson was the official legal supervisor on the day, alongside employees from Guinness World Records.”

Kris Gumbrell, co-founder of Brewhouse & Kitchen waxed poetic about his staff and the communities that lent their support to what can fairly be called a record breaking achievement…

 “We are incredibly proud and humbled by the support from all the local communities that make each and every Brewhouse & Kitchen venue special. The teams at Brewhouse & Kitchen and pride themselves on creating a welcoming and friendly hub for the communities they serve and we couldn’t have set this record without the support from local people.”

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