Top 50 Most Valuable Beers In The World

, Top 50 Most Valuable Beers In The World

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Business valuation consultancy firm Brand Finance recently released a list of the world’s most valuable beer brands in 2022 and it was an incredibly close race at the top.

Rather than simply ranking brewers by overall revenue, Brand Finance measured “the net economic benefit that a brand owner would achieve by licensing the brand in the open market,” an unusual approach to these kinds of thing.

, Top 50 Most Valuable Beers In The World

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Corona was once again crowned the world’s most valuable beer brand with Heineken coming in at an extremely close second. Budweiser held its #3 spot with Bud Light moving up from #5 to #4. And Coors Light broke into the Top 10 for the first time in 2022, debuting at #9.

“Over the course of the pandemic, alcoholic brands have been faced with difficult conditions including fluctuating demand due to national lockdowns across the world,” said Alex Haigh, Managing Director, Brand Finance. ”The reopening of the economy has driven major growth in the sector with beer brands growing by 7% year-on-year.”

Obviously the biggest beer companies dominated the Brand Finance Top 10 ranking so we’re publishing the company’s complete Top 50 list which features a number of international brands we’ve never heard of and some surprises. It also includes some hard seltzer brands which we don’t consider beer.

And now, (drum roll please)…

The 50 Most Valuable Beer Brands in 2022

  1. Corona (Mexico)
  2. Heineken (Netherlands)
  3. Budweiser (United States)
  4. Bud Light (United States)
  5. Modelo (Especial Mexico)
  6. Snow (China)
  7. Miller Lite (United States)
  8. Coors Light (United States)
  9. Kirin (Japan)
  10. Asahi (Japan)
  11. Skol (Brazil)
  12. Guinness (Ireland)
  13. Victoria (Mexico)
  14. BrewDog (United Kingdom)
  15. Carlsberg (Denmark)
  16. Harbin (China)
  17. Brahma (Brazil)
  18. Michelob (United States)
  19. Tsingtao (China)
  20. Stella Artois (Belgium)
  21. Tecate (Mexico)
  22. Busch (United States)
  23. Truly Hard Seltzer (United States)
  24. Natural (United States)
  25. Antarctica (Brazil)
  26. Tiger (Singapore)
  27. Tuborg (Denmark)
  28. Saigon (Thailand)
  29. Amstel (Netherlands)
  30. Estrella Damm (Spain)
  31. Sapporo (Japan)
  32. Mahou (Spain)
  33. Cass (South Korea)
  34. Kingfisher (India)
  35. Águila (Colombia)
  36. Twisted Tea (United States)
  37. Dos Equis XX (Mexico)
  38. Yanjing (China)
  39. Kronenbourg (France)
  40. 333′ export (Thailand)
  41. Velkopopovicky Kozel (Czech Republic)
  42. Desperados (France)
  43. Kinmugi (Japan)
  44. Chang (Thailand)
  45. Samuel Adams (United States)
  46. BECK’s (Germany)
  47. Carling (United States)
  48. Foster’s (Australia)
  49. Castle (South Africa)
  50. Pedro (Spain)

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